with Philip Brophy

Chronologically reverse-ordered
  • Colour Me Dead


    "An interview with Philip Brophy"
    by Bala Starr
    Colour Me Dead - Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2013

  • Philip Brophy

    "Philip Brophy"
    by Dominic Kirkwood
    Mountain Fold - No.2, Sydney, 2009

    "Philip Brophy Interview"
    by Kingpins
    Photofile - Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, 2006

    "Cut Slash Kill - Philip Brophy"
    by Kieron Meagher
    Index - - No.1, Melbourne, 1990

    Philip Brophy
    by Rolando Caputo
    Taking Care Of Business - Australian Film & Television School, Sydney, 1989

  • Northern Void


    "Unwilling Prophet of the Present"
    email interview transcript
    Real Time - No.77, Sydney, 2007

  • Body Melt


    "Body Melt: Acting Degree Zero"
    Interview by John O'Neill
    Real Time - No.2, Sydney, 1994

    "Snot Funny - It's Body Melt!"
    Interview by Michael Helms
    Fangoria - No.131, New York, 1994

  • Salt Saliva Sperm & Sweat


    Essays on Fluidity and Horrality: The Work of Philip Brophy
    Interview by Philip Hayward
    Mediamatic - Vol.3 No.2, Amsterdam, 1988

    Philip Brophy's Fantastic Voyage
    Interview by Tom Ryan
    Cinema Papers - No.71, Melbourne, 1989

  • 1977-1982

    "Texts and Gestures"
    Interview by Adrian Martin
    Art Network - No.6, Sydney, 1982